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What WAS on Your Plate & WHAT'S for Dinner 3/17/26-3/27/17

Not sure what to make for dinner? Find out what member's have on their menu for tonight, it's a great way to pick up meal ideas

Sorry, I have been MIA. Last minute ended up on a 3 day all day/night offshore fishing charter with friends. Today is the last day; leaving shortly. After 3 days of enjoying our catch; tonight will be a very very late night midnight or later pasta dinner.

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Happy Cooking Everyone!

Pork roast for tonight with roasted potatoes and beans.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Grilling some pork chops later tonight I also made a baked mac and cheese casserole for a side. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Tonight it was fiesta lime sauted shrimp, oven-roasted zucchini slices, and parmesan orzo.

Leftovers again for us. I also made myself a treat - made Derf's simple berry sauce and served that over a mini sponge cake that i filled with just a blob of plain mascarpone cheese, some extra berries, and a dollop of whipped cream on top. Really enjoyed that recipe because it was so fast, easy, and made just enough for me to split into two portions. ... sauce-2856

I made a green bean casserole using fresh green beans also added some cooked chicken in, were eating in an hour I hope :?


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