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What WAS on Your Plate & WHAT'S for Dinner 3/15/17-3/16/17

Not sure what to make for dinner? Find out what member's have on their menu for tonight, it's a great way to pick up meal ideas
Well, Safety For Those In The Wake Of Stella ... Lots Of Snow And Ice!

Today's Cooking ...
Lady #1+4: ... ired-22932 ... ired-23064 ... ired-23020 mixed greens w/sesame dressing

Me: Working late shift ... One guys is bringing fish to grill. I have a bag of frozen fries and stuff for slaw; and, another said tarter and corn on the cob. So, I guess that is dinner. I'll probably jazz up the fries with seasoning and a spicy ketchup; and, the corn ... maybe a parm butter.

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Happy Cooking Everyone!

Mashed potatoes with gravy and topped with browned ground beef, green peas for the side

Old School Comfort Food!!! Sounds good.

Zoodles with homemade Bolognese sauce (real pasta for the bf), with a side of a new salad recipe I am trying. He'll also have some ciabatta. The salad sounds really good and is a mix of arugula, Boston lettuce, blueberries, other veg, and URGHHHHH I forgot the same ingredient again (I was supposed to grab hearts of palm), with a homemade orange lime vinaigrette. Remembered them just now as I was typing this up.

I am not running to the store again >< So salad minus the hearts of palm. I never ever buy that ingredient. I haven't even eaten it in ages, and only at restaurants etc. I have canned marinated artichoke hearts but I don't know that they'd work as a replacement because of the berries and the citrusy dressing. :cry: Bad Self!!! Grr Arg.

Got a deal today at the store for some tri-tip sirloin. It was the last day it could be sold, so I got it for $2.00 off. Cut it up in 1/2" cubes, browned them along with some peppers and onions. Then pureed 2 jars of roasted red peppers, some chili spices and some beef stock. Made a soupy chili with chopped green beans instead of kidney beans since hubby can't have dried beans or tomatoes very much because of low potassium diet. Let it cook for 3 1/2 hours till the meat was nice and tender. It was delicious, with some thick Italian bread and butter.

Deep fried halibut fish in a beer batter for dinner with potatoes Im not sure if they will be baked or mashed :D

In a few hours we will be having pork chops with rice and frozen mixed vegetables

I decided to make our St Patrick's Day corned beef meal tonight, so I have our corned beef cooking in the crockpot right now. Traditional boiled style with potatoes, carrrots, cabbage. I'll also probably make beer bread or soda bread later today.

chicken and rice. started off using someone's recipe but the only thing I had was brown sugar -- so a take on the posted recipe but there are so many changes it could almost be posted again.


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